Author’s Working Notes

Wheeling and Stamp Dealing Notes

j and the FBI
stopped in Kansas
ufo guy (s)
dog at screen
salt of the earth, have we been on this street before
guy sold stamps for college
the double
big pay day on italian states
coins and the oldman
death and dying tour
grim reaper
compare those with full page ads and those indicted
who pays for the full page ads
list hotel stays
taking the fall
bending the rules and looking the other way
Old time stamp dealer
john’s brother
gurus, rock n roll, helicopters
Christmas card with rolls royce
the survivors
mystic check book
mystic matches
Don’t  mess with mystic
Herman Hurst, Nassau street
Reshaped the stamp business and rode the internet
All roads lead to philadelphia
Behind the scenes at mystic stamp
behind the numbers of buying collector stamp
How it works with don and mark
combination of marketing and buying, power house


Edits to be reworked: